He walked into the hall of mirrors and overtime didn't even recognize himself. His beard had grown long, his hair was matted, his clothes had torn to shreds. He had made himself clothes from the animals that had kept him alive. He lived in the woods as a hermit and gave life to the Ossian Hall of Mirrors.

Running through the massive Douglas firs, he has watched them sway in the wind and stand still and strong in the snow. On the warm summer nights when the rain wasn’t falling he would lay between the furs and looking to the sky above, he felt as if he was in a cathedral with the beams pointing to the heavens.

The Black Linn Waterfall  continuously flows and many nights he sits in the hall of mirrors and feels himself surrounded by the massiveness of this amazing world, with the mirrors surrounding him, he felt as if he lived in the middle of the waterfall. He watched through the trees as the people would come and go on their horse and carriage. He would see them stop for picnics and wished for just a bite of their freshly made bread.

People come and go and many only take in the beauty of the falls or the building in which he called home.

Yet, In the midst of the large Douglas Fir trees, he found his favorite tree was a Cedar tree, it was different than all the other trees, it appears to be growing out of the bridge that is stands next to. This Cedar of Lebanon is believed to be the oldest tree at the Hermitage, much like him, it was overlooked and unseen.

Maybe this is why he loved it so much.  You won't find Mr. O or the mirrors, but as you take a walk through the paths that many have walked before, you will feel that you are walking on someone else’s property, almost like you shouldn't be there. But, he kindly shares it with visitors and allows us to enjoy the beauty, you may have a moment where the birds stop chirping and the rushing of the water grows louder and then a breeze will sweep by, no worries, don't be afraid.. its just the mysterious Mr. O, saying hello. 


As I walked down the path so many have walked before, camera in one hand and my husbands hand in my other, I could feel the peacefulness of this. amazing place. It is very calm and peaceful place to walk and at every turn there is a new scene and a different view of more beauty than you have seen. Waterfall, rivers, trees and birds, the Hermitage is amazing and the view off the balcony is one to behold.

The house is named after the 3rd Century Irish-Gaelic Poet. (An 18th century literary hoax) 

Supposedly the 3rd Duke of Atholl was an unsuccessful Hermit. The Hall was made to give the sense that someone lived in the forest. Not too far from the Hermitage is the cave that was meant to give the same feeling to those that visited. Many time the duke would have a member of his staff dress in animal skins and a long beard to resemble the hermit that he imagined of himself.