Lady Devorgilla Bridge

The history of this bridge goes back to 1223 when 13 year old Lady Devorgilla, married John 5th de Balliol. They bore 9 children together, one of which became King John 1 of Scotland. It was by her order in 1270, that the Lady Devorgilla bridge was built. It began as a wooden bridge and over time they reconstructed to now what we have as a beautiful sandstone walking bridge.

It is one of the oldest bridges in Scotland that is still being used. Take a stroll across the bridge to see why She wanted her dear Galloway connected with an easy access to Dumfries. This was the reason for the bridge being constructed. 


University of Oxford

In 1263 Sir John was in a land dispute with Walter of Kirkham, Bishop of Durham. part of this was very expensive and formed the founding of a collage for the poor at the University of Oxford. 


Lady Devorgilla And John Balliol

They were married for many years and she loved him dearly. When he passed away, she had his heart put into a box that she carried with her until the day of her death many years later. She remarried and still kept her beloved John close to her heart. When she passed away she had his heart buried with her. You can visit her grave at the beautiful Sweetheart Abbey. The Abbey was built especially for her beloved John.