This Blessed Old Book that I hold in my hand, it's true from beginning to end, It's a solid foundation where I firmly stand. Sin kept me from it, now it keeps me from sin. 

As we entered the small charity shop on the corner today, we had no idea the treasure we would find inside. Jody and I are always looking for old bibles. Since living in Scotland we have become more interested in the older books and especially older bibles. The little shop had several newer books but when I went to the back of the store they had a small shelf with older books, I told my husband he should ask if they had any old bibles. He asked and the lady working said she would go upstairs and look, when she returned she was holding an old bible and my husband felt it at first it was probably an 1800's bible. She opened it up and on the inside cover to our shock and surprise it said, 1666. My dear husband was shaking he was so nervous and excited. She allowed him to flip through the pages and it was in great shape for the age and it even had a family history inside. As we walked home he told me that he wanted that bible, but it was certainly not in our price range. When I got home, I thought, "Lord, I'd love to get that bible for my husband" I didn't really ask the Lord for anything, I just expressed my wishes to the Lord. Within the hour God had sent in the money to get that bible. My husband went back to the store and they were surprised to see how quickly he returned. He told them that God had given him the money, He then was able to witness to those in the store. You never know what God will do in their hearts. 

I am thrilled that my husband had a dream come true, this bible was published  55 years after King James Authorized the bible to be translated into the English Language. What a treasure the Word of God is, and to know that God cares about our wants and our wishes.

He is an amazing God. 

I am so thankful for my wonderful husband, who is unashamed to stand and proclaim the truth and I am so grateful for the Word of God!