Her Friend


It's early Sunday morning and were running late again,

We rush into our church pew with our

bibles in our hand,

The church is full of people rushing here and there

My little girl is crying cause her sister pulled her hair.

A man sits down behind us and reaches out his hand,

My little girls stops crying and starts smiling once again..


He gives to all the children and all the parents too,

It's more than just a piece of candy,

it's Jesus love shining through.


His hands were very gentle as he wiped her tears away, 

Then the preacher asked him, if he would stand and pray, 

My heart was burdens heavy, and I stood there in tears , 

For when this man prayed , it felt as if our Savior was standing so near.



He was driving late one evening and decided

to stop and rest

He sat down on his bed and God decided what was best,


Now our church is full of people,

sitting here and sitting there, 

My little girl is crying, cause her friend, he isn't there

My heart is burdened heavy as I sat down in my pew, 

Everyone is crying, our hearts are broken right in two..


We know that we will miss him, oh so very much, 

But his reward will be great for all the lives that

he has touched. 


In heaven there is rejoicing Bro. Carl is happy as can be, 

He is with his Lord and Saviour and Friends and family.

Written By: Ginger Hodnett  August 31,2016