Who’s In Control Of This House?

We wonder why the world so easily embraces pornography at a football game and the killing of innocent lives before they are birthed into this world. But Christians, look at what you allow your teenage daughter to wear when she goes to her school prom and birth control is shoved at them before they are even married.

The church is just one step away from the world.

We cringe when we see a man dressed in women’s clothing and makeup, but the church embraced women wearing men’s clothes 30 years ago.

Somehow we are shocked to hear that a little boy wants to be a girl or that a girl wants to be a boy. . We are sickened to hear that a grown man has left his wife and children because he now identifies himself as a 6 year old little girl. And his little girl has to ask to have her very own baby doll back. How sick is that??

But as parents, we call our girls our little tom boys, and encourage that behavior.

You pamper and baby your son, you allow him be feminine and spend hours in front of a mirror and you call it stylish, you raise him in a bubble and don’t allow him to get dirty. You don’t make him work a job and he doesn’t know how to do anything for himself. And you wonder why that same man is living off government funds. He doesn’t know what it’s like to earn a pay check because he has never had to break a sweat or be responsible.

You wonder why this world is falling apart? Its because the church is falling apart and the church is falling apart because the home is falling apart.

Daddy don’t want to lead because “it’s too hard” and mama has been fighting for her rights and equality for years. She has left her place in the home and daddy’s are staying home being mommy, while mommy earns the pay check.

Daddy’s stopped being the authority, and mamas stopped being present.

Mama would rather draw “wisdom” and council from her bestie, than to gather wisdom from her husband. She’d rather listen to what her friends have to say about the matter than to just be obedient to her husband. I’m concerned about a woman that would rather spend her time with her girlfriend than her husband. Mama’s you better get back in your place, you have so much to lose. Having your excited and fun life outside of your God given role, will lead your children straight to hell.

Dads are more interested in playing video games with their buddies, running marathons and body building than they are in, playing with their kids, running in the yard and building a godly foundation for their children. WAKE UP DADDY, the little ones are following and they will go where you lead them.

The world has always been wicked and ungodly and I don’t understand why anyone is shocked!! You should be shocked that wickedness and ungodliness is allowed in the church.

I remember when dads would work two jobs just to keep mama home, but not anymore. Wives are out of the home, working, wearing men’s clothes and the daycares are raising the next generation. Dads are playing house and not taking responsibility as the MAN he should be. Your sons are allowed to work jobs that keep them from church and you allow your girls to embrace singleness as if it’s a calling of God. There is NOTHING right with that thinking. God created women for one purpose.. man! Yet the church embraces and encourages girls to remain single. I do not understand this line of thinking.

The church has reversed the roles in the home and we wonder why, homosexuality is running rampant in this world. We’ve thrown out the bible in the homes and dust them off to carry to church on Sundays. Your children know who‘s in control of your house.

God created this world, He created a plan and he gave us the bible with instructions to this life. The bible clearly lays out His plan and when his plan is sprung into action, IT WORKS. Mamas it’s time we find our place back at home, cut the apron strings that are attached to our boys and let them become a man. Dads need to give the dish towel back to mama and the baby doll back to their daughters. It’s time we take our place and be proud of that God-given role! I love being a mama and I am so glad I’m married to a real man.

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