His Peace Is Enough

Sometimes I get a thought in my head and I just can’t get it down on paper, so I just record myself. This time I decided to just share my recording instead of typing it up. Much of what I have to say, I have said before or wrote somewhere, but it was on my heart and I hope and pray it is a help to someone. Thanks for your time.

This year has been a year of unwinding my thoughts and unclogging the inward parts of my heart. It has been a healing time for me. Sometimes you have to dig down into your heart and mind and find those things that are weighing you down. I felt like the Lord took me through a spiritual cleanse, just so I could see Him more clearly. He has been real to me before, but this year He showed me so much about myself, about my family and about my friends. Many times I find myself looking for peace in the difficult times, but he has shown me that the only real peace is in Him.

i am so thankful for this year and how God has used it to grow me spiritually. I am not the same and I hope that my walk with Him can grow deeper this new year.

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