Whom My Soul Loveth

Song of Songs 3:4 “I found him whom my soul loveth:”

When all my hope seemed gone when the doctor said I could not conceive a child. He held me close and wiped the tears from my eyes. When the baby inside of my body had died, he reminded me that Jesus was with us and in him we would abide.  

When each of our babies were placed in our arms, he reminded me that we serve the Great Physician. And each time they have been sick or hurt, he will take them to Jesus and ask for their healing. When our world is turned upside down, And we feel we are alone, He reminds me that God made the world and he will help us stand talll and walk in the upside down world. When our finances are in the red, And groceries are hard to come by, He tells me my beans and rice are the best! When he said we would leave our family and friends and moved to a new country, I took his hand and trusted him. I was excited, because this man of God had proven to me over and over again that in every situation, God will be with us and in every problem God will take care of us and in every financial burden, that God owns the cattle on a thousand hills and he will not fail us now.  

This man has taught me to trust God, to rely on God and this man is the reason I am who I am today. For over 1/2 of my life he has been everything I have ever needed and he never fails to point me to Jesus! Our children adore him and he daily reminds them of Gods amazing love, by the way he loves and treats each one of us. This man doesn’t only make me feel complete, He completes me!! What a blessing it is to be married to a great man but also a huge responsibility to be married to a great man with the power of God! Song of Songs 2:16 “My beloved is mine, and I am his:”

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