Sitting In The Window

I walked into the living room and there was my little boy sitting in the window watching the cars drive by. He has nothing to do, he has no responsibility ,he has made no plans, he has so much energy and loves to run and bounce and play, but he loves to look outside and watch the cars and big trucks drive by.

He is 2 years old and he just stands there, watching in peace and calmness. There have been days where I felt that is what I am doing, Just sitting and watching other peoples lives go by, while I am sitting still.

The Lord is teaching me so much about him and how to be a better mother, wife and pastors wife. I am learning that many times the Lord wants us to be the little boy in the window. Its hard as a mother to find the time to just sit, we have laundry, dishes, supper, more dishes, the kids have to be taken care of, their school must be done, I need to sew and I need to do this and to do that, but sometimes we need to rest, sometimes we need to see others. We can fill our life with all the good things and miss the very thing that God wants for us to see. I can rush through my week and by the weekend, I have not accomplished anything much, the kitchen still has dishes to wash and there is always laundry and meals still have to be prepared, so my “job” is never done, never finished. But one day I will present my children to the world where they will start lives of their own. They won’t be finished, but I will have finished my job of raising them, sometimes I need to just sit and observe them. Am I building Godly character in them, have they memorized scripture, am I teaching them to put on the whole armor of God, so they will be strong to stand against satan and his demons.

Do I pray enough for them? Do I listen to them? Do I make them listen to me? My 2 year old has a mind of his own and he knows what he wants, but sometimes what he wants is not good for him and I have to train him to do the right thing. But if I am busy running here and running there, will I even notice his need for correction and for training. The Lord has allowed me to sprain my ankle and when i start to get better, I sprain it again. I say the Lord allowed it because as much of a hardship it is, it has helped me to see my little boy sitting in the window watching the cars go by. I can only wonder what is going through his mind as he sees them drive by. It is my responsibility to mold him and shape him to be what God intends for him to be.

Thank you Lord for my little boy, though he is full of excitement and loves to jump and run and play, that sometimes he finds rest just sitting in the window.

Ephesians 6:11

“Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.”

Psalm 37:7a

“Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for him”

“Sitting In The Window”

Look mommy look, come see what I see,

Come look out the window and just sit here with me,

I am busy, I have no time to sit and watch,

I have dinner to cook and clothes in the wash,

But mommy the flowers, the trees and the plants,

the trucks that go by and the cars that go fast,

I'm sorry little boy, mommy has too much to do,

but maybe one day I can come and sit down with you.

Look mommy look, there's a bird in the tree

He laughs and he giggles as happy as can be,

Busy in my work, I cannot help but see,

my little one is longing to spend some time with me.

I threw down my kitchen towel and our dinner it can wait,

My little boy is growing fast and soon it will be too late,

So I sit and I learn from my son filled with joy,

everything can wait, except a little boy.

Our time with our children is very short I know,

So here I sit with the little boy in the window.

-Ginger Hodnett May2018

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