I'm A Blessed Mess

"When being a housewife and being a mom, collide"

Do these sound familiar?

"Where are your shoes? Who took the brush? When is the last time this bathroom was cleaned? You cannot go out of the house, dressed like that. Don’t eat things off your shoe. Can you please pick up your socks? Get your head back in the car. Leave that alone! Listen to me! Pay Attention. Where are your clothes? Stop throwing the ball. Have you finished your chores? Why are you wearing that again? Don’t lick the window!! Have you taken a bath this week? You’re still hungry? Not another cookie."

My favorite statement was made recently by my husband to our 2 year old son, “Put the couch down”

It sounds like chaos and many days, it is chaos. But guess what? It is my chaos, it is your chaos. If you leave the housework for later and there are dishes in the sink, what does it matter if your children are happy. Most of the time when there is housework to do or laundry that needs to be washed, my children want me to play a game with them or just spend time with them. They are only little once, they are only going to be around a few years then my time with them will be gone. The dishes will wait, the laundry will wait, because I have children that need me more than they need anything else in the world.

The bible tells us in Titus that we are to be “Keepers at home”

This means that we manage our home well. I will admit it, I am not the kind of wife or mother that cleans the kids rooms and picks up behind everyone. I don't have a perfectly clean house and if you come to my house, there is a good chance that you will find toys out of their place, sippy cups under the couch, you may find a pile of clothes in the floor and the kitchen will probably have dishes that need attention. Don’t get me wrong, I clean my house, but it won’t be perfect. We don’t just sleep in our home, we live in our home. My kids don’t go to bed at 7pm and they don't wake up when the sun rises. We function in our own way. I have thought about others and how they keep their homes. I want a happy home and I have one. I want a godly home, and I have one. There is not a woman in this world I would want to trade my life with. This is my life, It is my story that is being written and you could look at me and have your opinion, and it might be that you think that I am a mess, but I am glad to say that may be true. But I am a very happy and "Blessed Mess"!

A Bit Of Hodnett Family Fun:

Puppet Hands: There is no need for craft supplies or glue, there is no reason to go out and purchase a puppet. If you have hands then you have a puppet. Close your hand with you fingers outstretched and make your hand talk with the silliest voice you can. Our 2 year old will hold his hand up in the air and make it say, "Help! Help!" Then he will take his other hand and make it swoop across and he will say, "Super J" and he will come to the rescue.

Games: We love to play games, board games, card games, we even play games to get chores done. But recently we have been playing games on our whiteboard. Hangman or Pictionary are so much fun and we get to experience our children excitement and imagination.

TV: We enjoy watching "The Andy Griffith Show" or

"The Dick Van Dyke" show together.

These are just a few things my family enjoy doing together.

Our Family Drawn By: Savannah Hodnett (8 years old)

Our family picture drawn on our whiteboard by Savannah-She is 8 years old and she is full of fun and lots of imagination. Our lives have been brightened by her being a part of our family.

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