Following Him As He Follows Christ

1 Timothy 1:12 “And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me, for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry;”

This verse is usually what every man of God feels, but the amazing thing is that God has also found the wife to be faithful. A man can’t do his job if he doesn’t have a faithful wife. Ladies, we have a great responsibility. Sometimes it doesn’t seem quite fair.. We are married to “God’s Man” and we don’t get to separate husband and God’s man. I remember many years ago, my husband and I were having a disagreement, it wasn’t a simple disagreement, ok, it was a fight, he wanted me to go to a church with him that had hurt us deeply and I simply had no use for that church at the time. I fussed at him and because I was mad, words came out of my mouth I didn’t mean, I said, “I wish you had never been called to preach!!” Oh my, how those words cut him, how they hurt him so deeply, he stopped arguing and simply said, “ok, you don’t have to go.” One week later my husband withdrew from bible college and denounced his call to preach. “Oh no!! What have I done?” I thought to myself. This was in July, September came around and my husband was working a job, not preaching, he was trying to make me happy. The problem was, I wasn’t happy, I knew my husband was a preacher, I knew we were completely out of God’s Will, yet, although he made the decision, it was my fault and there was no way I could fix this. I found out I was expecting and we were so excited, but 10 days later I miscarried our very first baby. What a devastation to both of us. God has reminded me several times through the years that His word tells us, 1 Chronicles 16:22b..”Touch not mine anointed,” I realized that God doesn’t give room for us wives to say whatever we want to, yes they are our husbands and some women although they shouldn’t, they can talk and say whatever they want to to their husbands, but we can’t.. We are married to a Man called of God.

Here is my challenge to you, 1.) Be very careful what you say to your husband, he wants to follow God, but if you are always in his ear, how can he hear what God wants him to do.

2.) Be willing to follow, even when you are afraid. If God has led your husband, you will be safe.

3.) Be sure that you can look back in your life and know that decisions your family made were based on Gods direction and not yours.

See, our husbands are Called of God and lead by God, but God made them to love their wife and your husband wants to please you. And although he really won’t mean to, sometimes he will make a decision based on your needs and that isn’t the right move.

4.) Be sure and remember that God didn’t make rules for the church and rules for the wife. We have to honor and respect Gods man just like every one else.

5.) Recognize that you can make or break your husband and his ministry.

6.) Recognize that it is the mothers responsibility that the children walk in truth. Your children can disqualify your husband, so make sure they are obedient at home so they will be In public. Proverbs 10-1 “The proverbs of Solomon. A wise son maketh a glad father: but a foolish son is the heaviness of his mother.”

We as mothers have so much to lose if our children do not make wise decisions.

7.) This is probably the hardest one.. Realize that God doesn’t give direction for the home or the church through you. That is why he have you a leader. Be proud and thankful for the place that God has put you in and know that there is safety there.

I know there have been times in our marriage that I have had a problem with something and instead of waiting on God to show my husband how to handle a situation, I tell him what he should do or what to say.. Although he may not do what I say, it does impair his judgment on a situation, because I have filled his ear with my opinion. You see, it wasn’t my place to tell him how to handle something and Although I am a help meet to my husband, I am not a helpmeet to my pastor.(my husband has been my pastor in the past) But has to get his direction from The Lord. Your husband wants to please you and he wants to please The Lord and I promise you one thing, if you follow your heart, it will always lead you wrong, if you follow The Lord, He will of course lead you right. Remember, many people say, “the wife is the example of Holy Spirit in the home” while that may be true to some extent, we are not the Holy Spirit. The incident I told you about, I was mad, I said something I didn’t mean, not only did my husband go without preaching for a little over a year and not only did I lose my firstborn, I had to beg God to give me my preaching husband back to me. There was so much healing that had to be done after such a great hurt and loss. I also had to wait many years for God to give us the ministry He intended for us to have. My words were sharp and I hurt the man I loved, I hurt myself and I hurt the heart of God. This happened 13 years ago and I will never get over it!! God means business ladies, we are to take care of Gods man and trust him and follow him. Love your husband, pray for him and follow him. Stay faithful and follow your husband as he follows Christ.

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