My Children, My Heartbeat

My Heart

As a mother I always thought it was so neat that as my babies developed inside of my womb, they could hear not just my voice but my heartbeat. My heartbeat became a familiar sound to each one of my babies. After they were born, I would lay them on my chest and rock them to sleep. They always seemed to calm down once the familiar sound of my heart beating. And yet when I look into the eyes of my children my heart beats stronger.


My firstborn daughter has grown into a beautiful teenager and as I look at her and know my time with her is short. My heart beats strong, knowing that I have loved her and cherished her every moment. She healed my broken heart after losing first baby. What a true blessing she is to me, and is certainly one of my closest friends. I pray that our relationship only strengthens as she grows.

When you're heart is hurting so much that you don't think that it will ever heal, the Lord sent me a rainbow to remind me that His promises never fail.


My youngest daughter has brought joy into our lives in so many ways. She helped bring me through one of the hardest times in my life. When my grandmother passed away, my little girl was listening to the beats of my heart. As I lay in the hospital bed and she was only 3 weeks old, I was so afraid she wouldn't know me, yet my heart was strengthened as I held her close and whispered so off in her ear, “I am your mommy and I love you.”

With each one of my children my heart has grown stronger and my love expanded for each one of them. God knew what he was doing when he gave them to me.

Jody Lee Jr.

My baby boy, a completely different personality, he is all boy, but he loves his mommy! He is just a little boy with so much on his mind, he is into everything but each day as I hold him in my arms and he gets quiet and still, I lay his little head on my chest and after listening for a moment, he will sit up and say “hear dat noise?” He hears my heart beat and even though he doesn’t understand he is one of the reasons it beats so strong.

“For this child I prayed; and the LORD hath given me my petition which I asked of him:”

1 Samuel 1:27

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