Delighting In Raising A Standard

I am sure you have read something from me about modesty before and I’m sure it won’t be the last. I want to you to ask yourself a question, “Have I asked God what He wants me to wear?” What did he say? If you have a relationship with Christ, If you asked Him, he will give you an answer. The second question I want you to ask yourself is, ” Is God glorified in my apparel?” I will be honest I have been struggling over the last year, not about what to wear, but are my standards really worth it? A Standard represents who you are or where you belong. When I see an American Flag raised and waving, it is our Standard and it makes me proud, because it represents my country and I want to identify myself with the United States of America. When I see someone with standards in their life it lets me know where they stand and who they identify themselves with. Where is your standard waving? With the world, (do you just blend in with everyone) or the bible standard (do you stand out in the crowd)? After traveling home from South Carolina a few weeks back, my girls and I were going into our apartment and my husband was unloading our car, one of our neighbors stopped at our car and said to him, ” Sir, do mind me asking, what religion are you?” My husband told him, “we are baptist” The man said, ” not to sound creepy, but I have observed your family and I have noticed that your wife and girls only wear dresses” he continued to say, that he noticed that our family was different and seemed to be a happy family, he went on to say that he wants to hear more about our religion. When my husband told me about this conversation, I was taken back because as I stated earlier, I have questioned, do my standards really matter? So few care anymore about holding to the standards of Gods Word. When he told me about what the man said, the Lord spoke to my heart and reassured me that it is worth it. If I had chose to let go of the standards of modesty we would have never made the impression on this man that we have. We would have looked no different than anyone else. God used this man to remind me that we dress the way we do, not for popularity or even acceptance, modesty is a must for anyone that wants to bring honor and glory to God.

I raise my standard and I do it to please God.

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