Life Changing Event

Have you ever had a life changing event?Besides your salvation.. Nothing can compare to that life changing event..

I have had several life changing events like marriage, miscarriages, the birth of my children, my salvation. But I’m talking about something that changes you in the way you live and think. Have you ever been there?

I had a life changing event happen just this week.. I have found myself thinking about life differently, I look at my kids and my husband different. A friend of mine lost her son to a motorcycle accident. What a precious boy he was and when I found out, I was deviststed, he was one of my Sunday school kids, he was one of my choir kids.. He was a good friend to my sister, my heart was broken for this young mans family. As the day went on I looked at my kids and thought, “I would never survive the loss of one of my kids” Later in the day I was nursing my 5 week old baby boy and I looked him in the face and I thought, “I don’t love my son more than my friend loves her son” She is no different than me, she is a mother, she loved him, she taught him everything, she homeschooled so she was there for all of his firsts, she is a great mother.

She told me at the funeral, “hold your babies close, what I wouldn’t give for another hug from him, I thought I held him close, but not close enough” the truth is she was a great mother and a great example to me as I have watched her through the years.

I have always looked at others that faced loss or death, as if they were made up differently than me and the truth is, if I lost one of my children, I would feel just like my friend. I’m sure she feels like she can’t go on another day, but Gods grace is sufficient for every need.

It changed the way I think of my family, but it also made me think differently about heaven.

This young 21 year old boy, went from riding his bike, into the arms of Jesus. WOW!! So many times when I think of heaven, it’s such a mystery that it seems so distant, but when I think of those there, it makes heaven so close to my heart and so real. Makes me long for heaven.

So many I love are over there.

I watched my sweet friend grieve and there was nothing I could say or do for her, her husband or her children.. She was so strong and I could see Jesus holding her up, she is a very special lady to me, I pray that God will give her grace and peace during this terrible time in her life.

I hope and pray that I don’t go a day without appreciating and loving my family.

What is your life changing event?

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