Modesty, Do We Have To?

I know this is a very “touchy” subject, but I just can’t get away from it. I have been in Philadelphia this week and have been to a few places. We went to see the Liberty Bell and we learned about the Underground Railroad. Both of these represent Freedom. In America we see our freedoms being slowly taken away. When you are saved and you belong to Christ, there is a freedom in Christ that is unexplainable.

As I walked around touring, there were several Muslim women walking around, it was hot, but they were covered literally from head to toe, all you could see were their eyes and hands. I asked my husband, I wonder if those women feel like they are in prison or if they feel like they are honoring their god. I know the laws they are made to follow are completely wrong. But what I have been thinking is, the average “Christian” woman doesn’t want to be told what she can or cannot wear. So many people are looking for things that they can do that is worldly but because the bible doesn’t have a “thou shalt not” verse for it then they feel as if it doesn’t matter. But the truth of Freedom in Christ is this, He doesn’t have to make a LAW for His children to know what He wants. Everytime you put on your clothes, if you are truly a child of God you know when you look in the mirror if you are dressed to please God, to please man or to please your flesh.

The bible does tell us that, “Women should adorn themselves in modest apparel”(1 Timothy 2:9) Why would God put this verse in the bible if it really doesn’t matter what we wear. God expects His children to know the difference in modest and immodesty. My 4 year old knows when she is not modest, and I have never told her, you are immodest. There comes a time in a child’s life that they realize they are naked or that they are not modest.

The Bible tells us to “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth.” 2 Timothy 2:5

So not only does God expect us to know what is modest, He expects us to study and rightly divide His Word. He expects us to seek and find verses that tell us that men have lust problems, then he tells us to dress modestly, but not only dress modest, we are suppose to have shamefacedness, this Word means to get embarrassed. We have lost our femininity because of equality. Equality says, I can dress, talk and act like a man. It tries to make women equal with men.

The bible tells us that our husbands are to be the leaders of the home. Yet the world pushes for women to be equal with men. The world coined the phrase, “Who wears the pants in your family?” this was meant to say who leads your home? Why would the world use this article of clothing? Why do places of business use a girl in a skirt and a boy in pants to show the difference in restrooms.

It amazes me that as wicked and vile as our world is, they know more about women’s apparel than most who call themselves christians. It is usually because of rebellion, women want their rights as women and want to be walking beside their man and not behind him. But God gave us a very special place, He placed us under our husbands, we are to follow and obey Him.

I am sure these Muslim women feel trapped because it is law and they will be punished if they do not dress according to their law. But they do this because of their belief, its a shame that some religions although they are wrong, will do whatever they can to please their god and the average Christian, wants to see what they can get by their God with. Why don’t we see what the God of the Bible has to say about clothing. If you are saved and you seriously want God to show you what is right and what is wrong, ask Him, study His Word and then no matter what you think, obey Him. There is so much freedom in obedience.

A person will shows their true colors when this subject is mentioned. If you are at all offended at this blog, you more than likely know what I am saying is true. The only time that I am offended at personal stands is when I know I am wrong. There is no offense in knowing TRUTH.

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