She was sitting in her rocker on the front porch, her frail little hands gripped around a hot cup of coffee. She sat there and looked out and was thinking, “How did we get here?” She looked around and across the yard, under a little broken down shed sat her husbands old pickup truck, it had been sitting there since the day he left her. A tear ran down her cheek as she thought, “Was it worth it?” “Should I have stopped him from enlisting?” “Was it really worth it to have given my love, my sweetheart, my friend to this country?” I’ll never forget him, that dark brown hair, bright blue eyes and a smile that would melt any girls heart. At just at the thought of him, her heart fluttered and butterflies filled her. But he was gone, he had been for over 70 years now.
She was just a fun little 17 year old girl when he whisk her away to be his bride, only one little baby girl before the War that would take him away.
Again in her mind, she thought, “Was it worth it?” Alone for 70 years, alone and many times afraid, not knowing if she was going to make it. Then she sat her coffee down and reached into her lap and picked up her old, worn out bible, she couldn’t read it anymore, her eyes had grown dim, but somehow just holding it brought comfort and peace to her soul. She held it close to her heart and just cried, “Lord, this world is a mess, so different from when I was a young girl, this country doesn’t want anything to do with you or the freedom my dear Tom died for, I don’t think the people of this nation have even looked to you for direction. Lord, I have suffered a great loss for this country that I love, my husband fought because he believed in America, he wouldn’t even know her today, and that makes me sad. But Lord, if you would hear an old little lady one more time, please Lord, grant us mercy that we don’t deserve. There are still a few that want you, there are only a few…I love you, Amen”

She wiped away her tears and stood to go back inside, the coolness of the morning was causing some pain, but just as she stepped inside her house she thought…
Lord, you sacrificed your son, so that we may live free and unafraid of hell,
I sacrificed my Love for this country, so that we may live free in this country..
Was is worth it Lord? So many have rejected you, so many do not believe. And then in that very moment she realized, of course it was worth it. Because of what Christ did for her on Calvary, because he shed his innocent blood, she and Tom had both received Jesus and soon they would be together again. Jesus made it possible for her to see her dear love again.
She returned her old bible to the table and sat down in her chair, she closed her eyes and in her heart she said to herself, ” others may not understand the price I paid for the freedoms no one seems to care about anymore, but in my heart I know, it was worth it and I will see my love again”

Sacrifice: something many do not understand and have never experienced, but so many in this country have sacrificed so much. We should be thankful to our military and their families.

By Ginger HodnettMay 21, 2016