My Daddy

Shhh.. he’s coming, I pulled the covers over my head with excitement as I heard the car pull in the driveway, I could hear his keys jingle as he walked closer to the front door. Mama greeted him at the door and I could feel the breeze all the way down to my room, the night was cold and my blanket was just the right temperature.  I knew it wouldn’t be much longer now, my eyes were so tired yet I wanted to see him. Now that daddy was home, we were safe and he was safe. I heard him coming down the hallway, the light switches on and he steps in my room, he leans over to kiss me goodnight and before he even reaches me I can smell him, he is my father, my daddy.

There is no man in the world like him, he is strong and works very hard to take care of his children.  I remember days when the only time I saw him was when he came to tell me goodnight. He left early in the morning and would work until he had just enough time to come home and shower and change for his second job, then many nights I was in bed when he got home. But it was always a joy to know that daddy was home. The house just felt safe, more complete!!

I am so thankful for the Father God gave me, he is certainly one of a kind and I love him!  What a great example of our Heavenly Father he has been to me. He loves and cares for his children unconditionally and I thank God for it.

Many times when life just seems hard, I can call my daddy and he will say just the right thing to comfort me, he will pray with me no matter how small and insignificant it really is just to make me feel better. With each birth of my children, I wanted to know that my daddy was close by, and when I came ever so close to deaths door, I just knew if my daddy could get to me, I would be ok.  It never fails, when tragedy strikes, I call my daddy, I want him praying for me.

It’s amazing how much my relationship with my earthly father is so much like my relationship with my Heavenly Father. There are times in my life when I need my Heavenly Father and he comes to me and before I see him, I can smell him, the sweet smelling savor of peace and comfort. There are days when I need to just talk to him and he listens and then gives me just what I need for the day. And when I have faced hardships, the birth of my children or when I came so close to death, when I had to say goodbye to nearly everyone I hold dear to me, my Heavenly Father was there, letting me know I would be ok. I am so thankful for a Father that taught me to love by loving me and taught me how to pray and trust and believe in our Heavenly Father.

This is the first Fathers Day that I have spent in a different country that my dad. It has been a new adventure and life is just beginning to settle.  I do miss sitting with daddy and just talking. I miss our last minute trips to the store, or going out to eat with him, just because. But I know that I am in the perfect will of God and that brings peace and joy to my heart. 

By Ginger Hodnett June 23, 2017