This was a fun experience for our family. Fritz is a Railroad Restaurant in Kansas City, Kansas.  You order you food by phone and your food is brought to you by an overhead train. The track runs around the ceiling and then lowers to your table. We love this restaurant and the great time we had.

Meeting Our Needs

I don't even know where to start with what God did for us this week. God is so good and we are just absolutely amazed.

It was Sunday Morning and the Pastor asked my husband to preach during the Sunday school hour. The visiting preacher would be preaching the main service.  The Lord showed up in each service and helped and encouraged our family.

On Sunday Night the Pastor asked each missionary to tell the church a need. For us this is a very hard thing to do. We had been praying about changing Autumn's schooling, but in order to do this she would need a computer and we would need the curriculum. So Jody shared these request each night. Some of these sound small and insignificant, but the pastor said, to tell them every little thing. So this is what we shared. 

Sunday Night- a computer, school curriculum, thank you notes & a headlight case

Monday Night- headlight for our truck, herbs for me & Fuel

Tuesday Night-  a new banner for our ministry, herbs for me, 

Wednesday- we had nothing to say, everything was taken care of

The schooling on Sunday

The computer on Wednesday 

Fuel on Tuesday

$100 for herbs on Wednesday

The banner on Tuesday

Thank you notes on Wednesday

We were floored at all God did, plus the church gave us $100 for lunch on Wednesday and shopping trip.

The visiting preacher paid for our lunch too..

Just more blessings that we can believe.. There was also a couple that homeschool their kids and they told us rather than selling their CDs each year, they will send them to us, their daughter is one year ahead of Autumn and I will be able to use these for Savannah too.. Praise the Lord!! A lady in the church did the design work for our banner as well.

God also gave us good life long friends this week as well. The fellowship and unity was wonderful! 

God gave me the opportunity to share my testimony with the ladies. 

We left Leavenworth Kansas on Thursday, May 30 and knew that we needed a place to stay for the week. We found a hotel, Thursday and Friday and it was pretty costly.. We really needed a place to stay that wouldn't cost us anything. My dad got to looking online and found a church, he called Jody with the number and when He called he realized he was a pastor that had cancelled a meeting that we had scheduled with him.   Well, the pastor decided to let us come anyway.  The Lord moved in and we had a great service. There was a man there that was 101 years old today. He shouted Jody on as he preached. This was a church plant,  2 years old and with us and one other family of 7 there was a total of 30 people in service.

They took up an offering for us and it was $384 what a blessing!!

Plus the pastor said that He would be calling Jody, he may be taking us on for support.

Glory to God, that helps relieve the burden a little longer..plus they put us up in a hotel for Saturday night.

The pastor of the church called a pastor friend of his and asked if we could come, so we went and the pastor told Jody that the church didn't have any money to give us a love offering. Jody told him that was ok, and he said, " so you will still preach for us knowing you won't get a love offering" Jody said, "Preacher, I used to pay to preach, an offering is just bonus"

Autumn and I sang and the preacher told the church, he said, " I usually abuse singers when they come, but church we have been blessed with and angel tonight." then he asked us to sing a few songs, Jody preached and it was a blessing.. The church ended up giving us $100 love offering and took us out for supper.

We certainly enjoyed getting to know Pastor Childers and his wife. Then we were able to drive about an hour to a prophets chamber, and it was a big house, we were able to rest well and enjoyed a campmeeting that was close by as well. That church gave us $50 love offering.. Just enough to help us on our way.. 

Praise the Lord for the great things he hath done.  June 6, 2013