Love & Mercy

The little girl with Shirley temple curls comes running in wearing her pajamas and her new patton leather shoes, she loves to hear them clack on the kitchen floor..
She is so excited, “Is it Sunday School mommy? Do we get to go to church? I have my God book and I want to see my friend”
“Yes sweetie, it is the day we go to church, let’s get your dress on?” “Is daddy going mommy? Will he go with us today?”
“No, sweetheart, daddy isn’t going today”
“Can I wear my spin dress mommy, daddy loves my spin dress, I will spin for him”
“Yes baby, you can spin for him, let’s hurry so we’re not late”

Gathering our church things and rushing out the door, one day my husband will go with me, I just know in my heart that the devil just has his mind, but I know that one day, God will have his heart.

We sat in the service and what a joy it was for me to see the sparkle in my little girls eyes as she sang, “Nothing but the blood of Jesus” and “Send the light”
On the way home, my heart was burdened so heaven, I want him with me, I want my family whole again and I want to enjoy serving the Lord with my husband. Fear gripped my heart at the thought of being alone in raising my kids for the Lord. Can I do it, I thought to myself and suddenly out of the back seat, my little girl without a worry says,
“BEHOLD!! I like that Word mommy, it’s a funny Word… Listen to my verse mommy…
“Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid:” Isaiah 12:2

Some days are just harder than others and many times, Sunday is the hardest, going alone is not the plan I had dreamed for my life, but it is where my life has brought me
In my heart I knew this Sunday school verse was exactly what I needed.. I will trust you Lord and I will not be afraid.. Thank you Lord for my little girl that is a constant reminder to me of your love and your mercy.

By Ginger HodnettMay 21, 2016