Simply Gigi 

I don’t really know if I consider myself a writer or not. My Grandmother Jones wrote down a lot of stories and it just inspired me to do the same thing. I love to write short fictional stories, based on truth. Many times in my life, I have found that I can write my heart down in a story or a poem and somehow it brings peace to my heart. I hope and pray that I can be a blessing to you through my stories. 


Many times when I sit quietly, the Lord gives me a poem. These are very special and dear to my heart. 

God allows us to go through trials and troubles so that we can become more like Jesus. 

I am not ashamed of how God chose to break me, I am beautifully broken and I thank Him. This is my story...

These are little stories that I have written. Most of them are not specific to anyone in particular. I pray they are a blessing.

God gave us many memories while traveling on deputation. We laughed, we explored and we learned so much. Now on the mission field. I hope you enjoy these treasures from Across the Miles. 
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