In 2007 I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid and Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome. In 2015 my doctor discovered Fibroid Tumors on my Uterus..


Now, with all that being said, I'm over 40 and I have NEVER had a normal cycle. As a young girl, I would go 2 or 3 months without a cycle and then I would have my cycle for 6-8 weeks. Now, after several miscarriages and 3 children, It runs about 40-42 days. I have never had a cycle to start early. Always late.. I purchased Progessence Phyto Plus and honestly I wasn't sure I was going to be able to use it, because it immediately made me feel different. I didn't like the way I felt. . The first day I felt ok, a bit irritable, the second day I felt very emotional, the third day, I started my period..HOLD ON!! this was 8 days before I was due to start, how did this happen? Well, after about a week of ups and downs, I could tell I was feeling better. In more control of my own emotions. . I am on my 7th month of using this amazing lady oil and I can say that I feel better and more balanced than ever before. Slowly my cycle has become more  balanced and predictable. After 7 months of using this oil, morning and night, I realized that my body is producing more progesterone on its own and I am only using the oil at night.  I'm so thankful for this product and how it doesn't put a synthetic progesterone into your body, it allows your body to produce its own progesterone, just like your body was intended. 

I injured my back several years ago and the past 4 years have been extremely miserable for me and my back. It would take me about 45 minutes to an hour to get out of bed. I would have to stretch and slowly work my way to where I could stand, then I would still have to hold on to the wall to help me stand completely up. Many nights I would not want to go to bed because I knew I would not be able to walk in the morning. In January 2018 I was learning the different oils and how they work together. I thought I would make me up a roller bottle to see how well the pain relieving recipe would work. I rolled it over my lower back and spine and i turned over and went to sleep. Much to my surprise I got up the next morning without a problem. I got up immediately. Oh my how this has changed my life. I am a new person since using these oils. After using these oils on my back I have gone from not able to walk in the morning, to jumping out of bed with no assistance at all. 

This is my experience, it may or may not work for you, each person is different and our bodies work differently as well. But they have certainly changed my morning routine.-Ginger

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