His Mercies Are New

Leah woke up today, it was no different than any other day of her life. The coldness of the dark room made her want to stay under her covers, but today was the day and there were things to be done. So she slowly gathered herself and stood beside her bed, reaching for her cane that has helped guide her many years. She walked to the window and pulled back the curtains so the light of day could shine in on her face. As she opened the curtains she could feel the hot sun, yet in her eyes it was just darkness. She doesn’t even know what light is.  
As she stood there, she thought about things she has never seen, the children running by her house everyday, the man that delivers her groceries, her own face, she has never seen her own face. She dressed herself and went to the kitchen where she had her morning coffee. Listening to the Word of God each day is the only thing that kept her going all these years. She sat there by the phone nervous as she could be, they found a cure for her eyes and the doctors were going to let her see. Her sister was going to take her whenever the call came in. 

“His mercies are new everyday” this was what she leaned on and this was the foundation of her joy. 

She is happy, she is nervous about seeing herself, she has been in the dark so long, the thought of light is scary to her. The sun is so hot, yet somehow it is comforting.

She had just finished her scriptures when the phone rang, she hesitated whether to pick up the phone or not, do I really want this new life? Do I really want to see things differently, what if I change? What if others change? I have many friends that are living in the darkness, will they still be my friend? She quickly grabbed the phone before another thought could cause her to change her mind and it was the nurse telling her to come to the hospital the doctor would be waiting. 
She nervously waited in triage when the nurse came in and said, “Leah, you will go sleep in darkness and you will wake up in light” Leah nervously smiled and laid down on the bed, as she pushed her to the OR, Leah spoke and said to herself, “I will see light today” 

Surgery took longer than expected but Leah was in her room now and her sister Jill was anxiously awaiting her to wake up, several friends and family had gathered to be there when she awoke. The doctor came in opened the windows so the sunlight would shine in her room, they turned every light on in the room. She was starting to wake up and the nurse walked over and spoke to her, “Leah, are you ready to see?” She nervously shook her head yes, and the nurse slowly removed the bandages and the doctor said, “Leah, there is plenty of light, friends and family here, just open your eyes and see!! You could feel the excitement in the room from everyone including the doctor and nurse, she slowly opened her eyes and it was bright, she said to the doctor, its bright.. he said, I know, that is light.. she said, it hurts, he said, your eyes will have to adjust she cried, I can’t see anything, I can’t see anyone, instead of darkness it’s just bright and I still can’t see anything. She closed her eyes and a tear rolled down her face, Jill walked over and spoke to her, “Leah, why are you crying, why are you not looking at us? Leah said, because it’s too bright and it hurts, the darkness doesn’t hurt. The doctor gave Jill permission to turn the lights off and close the curtains, Jill said, “ok Leah, the light is still here, but its gentle now, slowly open your eyes.. Leah opened her eyes and tears began to flow, “what’s wrong? Leah said, nothing is wrong, everything is right, I see light, but I see what the darkness never showed me, I see you, Jill, I see you, I see everyone. 

The doctor looked at her and said, “Leah, you’re eyes will continue to heal and adjust to the different levels of light, when you first opened your eyes, I was excited to see you see for the first time, that I flooded you with light, not thinking about the darkness you have lived in, light is good, but too much light too quick, just made you want to go back into the darkness, but once we adjusted the light for what you could handle you were able to see things that made you not want to go back into the darkness” 

 NOTE: so many times as Christian’s we are so excited with the truth of gods Word that those living in darkness can’t handle the brightness of the light and need it given gently. Lord help me be a light, but help me bring others into the light and not drive them back into the darkness. 

By Ginger Hodnett   March 1, 2017