Dreaming Of Castles

In a land far far away lived a little girl named Allie. Allie was only 8 years old when her mother and father moved to their new home. Allie had always wanted a room of her own and today she was going to get to put her bed and her toys in her very own room. Mom and dad said that their other house was too much money and they had to move to where they could afford. Allie walked into her new house and the house was dirty and the windows in her room were broken. The carpet was torn and the kitchen didn’t look like a kitchen at all, there was no place to cook or to keep their food, but daddy said they would be alright. Every night when Allie went to sleep, she would dream of her very own house and the windows would be fixed and the carpet would be new, she would have a bright white cooker and the milk would be cold every morning. Allie dreamed that she would wake up in the morning and her blanket would be warm and she could look out her window and see castles all around.Allie loved castles and she loved to dream about how she would walk through the castles and see where kings and queens and princes and princesses lived. She would play out in her back garden and splash in the mud puddles she would pretend she was running through the beautiful fields and she always had a castle in her view.

Many years later, Allie had grown up and married the man of her dreams, they were eager to serve the Lord and follow him. They surrendered their lives to missionary work in Europe. Allie woke up one morning and the covers on her bed were too warm to crawl out of just yet. She whispered a prayer to the a Lord and said, thank you for the warmth. She laid there a moment and the thought came to her of how she had dreamed of this very moment as a young child. She got up and wrapped herself in her robe, she walked over to her window and there wasn’t a crack anywhere on the window, she opened the window and looked out as she had done many times before, she thanked the Lord above for he answered not the prayers of a little 8 year old girl, but the dreams, not only did he let her see the castles of kings and queens, he let her live in a land of castles and as she stood at her window she looked out and across the way up on a mountain near by there was a castle one she could see every morning of her life.
Always remember, God cares, not just for our wants and our needs, he cares about our dreams. This little girl had only dreamed of castles, and now she lives in a land of castles. He is certainly an amazing and caring God.

By Ginger HodnettJanuary 17, 2017