Heaven Bound Train


I woke up this morning with tears in my eyes, 

my heart was so heavy I then realized,


 the weight that I carried was a burden indeed,

 souls going to hell who have eternal needs.


But I have the answer to those in despair, 

I need only share it or else I do not care,


 Accepting Christ as Saviour and Lord 

will pay the fare and put you on board, 

this Heaven bound train, that always has room, 

for one more passenger headed for doom.


(My First Poem-1988)

The greatest day in history, 

the greatest love was shown,


When Jesus Christ laid down His life, 

He wanted me to be His own.


With outstretched arms of mercy, 

had them nailed to the cross,


The crown of thorns pressed to His brow, 

For all the sinners lost.


His blood flowed freely down the cross, 

When the sword pierced His side,


His breath was shortened and in death, 

you were on His mind.


The grave was closed and He went to hell, 

so that you didn't have to go,


He rose again on the third day 

and defeated Satan, His foe.


So after this He ascended back to Heaven 

for you to see,


His return is at hand, 

Coming for those who've believed.


So the greatest love was shown to me, 

when He paid for my soul that day,


He shed His blood on Calvary, 

It was the truest Valentines Day.



A pearl is a precious stone, and it is worn with pride, 

it was made by an Oyster that was wounded inside.


A rock or a grain of sand got into the shell, 

and the oyster coated it Oh, so very well.


Now this little Oyster had done all he could do, 

but because of this wound he didn't make it through.


Oh how much we are like this pearl that's worn with pride, 

because of sin we wounded Him and caused our Saviour to die.


He has done so much for you and for me, 

when He coated us with His blood, from the cross of Calvary.


So remember, when you wear the pearl, the Oyster had to die, 

and Jesus died for you and me, so we could be a pearl inside.


(Written for Mother's Day  5/99)


As a young girl I was all alone,

No one to fight with for the telephone,


No one to trade my shoes and my clothes,

No one to talk to when mothers not home.


My brothers played ball and together had fun,

While I played inside with my dollies alone.


A Sister was what I wanted to have,

someone to laugh with and some to share.


But as I got older I learned that because of sin,

a sister I would never have.


My heart was broken on that day,

but Jesus came and the pain He took away.


I was reminded and able to see, that Jesus'

works could give a sister to me.


I prayed and asked Him for a sister for me,

someone to love and that she would love me.


Then one day I was happy to hear,

that the Lord had helped mama and a baby was here.


I had not one question of what it would be,

I had asked Jesus for a sister you see,

and I knew in my heart a girl it would be.


So when they placed the baby girl in my arms,

my prayers had been answered and God's love was shown to me.

But the greatest miracle is this one thing, I asked Jesus for one but He knew I needed three.



My Mother

She taught me how to love, by giving love to me,

She taught me how to give, by giving, don't you see.


And now I look around and this is what I see,

She taught me how to be a friend, but being one to me.



Mothers Hands

A mothers hands are gentle, as she holds her newborn child,

Her hands are very tender, as she makes a sad face smile.


These hands they are so precious, More precious than gold,

They are full of love to give, and they never get too old.


Her hands say, "I love you", when she hugs me, Oh so tight,

Her hands say you are special, when she tucks me in at night.


Her hands hold onto mine, when I have to say goodbye,

As her hand slips away, I see a tear in her eye.


Her children are all grown, they are out on their own,

and she sees the work she's done, from the seeds that have grown.


So now as she looks back, she sees God's working plan,

Her children call her Blessed, and they are the Fruit of her hand.


Proverbs 31:16 



Looking Over Her Shoulder


Looking over her shoulder, What did I see?

I saw her Bible laying there, sitting on her knee.


I saw her hands open up, to take mine into hers,

I saw her fingers stitch and sew to make for me new clothes.


By looking over her shoulder I learned to sign with my hands,

I also learned to cook and sew and how to wash the pans.


She taught me many things, to be strong, kind and true,

She taught me how to be a friend, by being a friend too.


She taught me about Jesus, and how he died for me,

I know that it was her prayers, that brought me to my knees.


So, when I have a little child, I want to be the kind of mother,

To where my little child can grow, by looking over my shoulder.


A Child


A child I long for, to hold in my arms,

to love and to cherish, to keep from all harm.


A baby to teach, to train and to guide,

To tell them that Jesus is right by their side.


A mother is what I long to be,

to hear my baby say mommy to me.


To see the joy on my sweethearts face,

to see the beauty of God's precious grace.


A little on in God's own time,

to sing "Jesus loves me" and

to say Christian rhymes.


But the one thing I want my baby to be,

is a treasure to Jesus and a blessing to me.


January 24,1998

Mommy’s Womb


While you're sleeping so soundly,

In your mommy's womb,


Growing and developing, to be with us so soon.

I want for you to know, I love you very much,


You are mommy's precious baby,

and I can't wait to feel your touch.


Mommy and daddy love you, 

and we pray for you to be blessed,


We want you to serve Jesus, 

and give to Him your best.


September 22, 2001- 

I wrote this two days after I found out I was expecting

My precious AJ Love

My Empty Womb


I am a little room, but lonely don't you see,

I need to be used for a family.


A child is what they want, and I am willing still,

But I am empty and their need, I cannot fulfill.


A little bitty speck, to grow into a child,

I want to feel their little hands or breath when they sigh.


To have one roll around, to kick and even cry,

I will nurture and protect them, and be so proud they're mine.


I want to be filled, with a child to shape and mold,

that's what my empty womb cries out,

for just a child to hold.  



 January 27, 2001

In Jesus’ Care

My precious little baby, I love you very much,

I wanted to hold you and feel your soft touch.


I wanted to teach you to sing and to pray,

I wanted to kiss you and watch you at play.


I wanted to show you how to tie your shoe,

and I wanted to hear, "Mommy, I love you”


But you're safe with Jesus, you are in His care,

Mommy and Daddy miss you, 

and we wish that you were here.


But Jesus knows what is best, and you will be just fine,

And we will come to see you when it is our time to die.


So look up to Jesus, Mommy loves you so, dear,

and it makes mommy happy, 

to know your in Jesus' care.


September 30, 2001- the day after AJ went to heaven.


Dear Jesus, please hold me, 

close to your side,


I need for you to comfort me, 

'cause my little one has died,


The little gift you gave to me, 

I love with all my heart,


And although it saddens me, 

that child from me did part.


And Lord, I want your perfect will, 

I know you've given me grace,


But Lord, please let my baby know, 

in my heart it has first place.


Thank you, Lord for loving me, 

and giving AJ to me,


Although on earth I'll not hold my child,

 I know she's safe with thee.

September 2001

Jesus Cares (Song)

A mother and a father 

with a baby on the way, 

they were so excited they 

kneel and pray each day, 

the mother has a plan, 

the father has a gleam, 

then something unexpected 

comes and shatters all their dreams.


A son and a daughter, 

with parents they love so dear, 

they know that it won't be long 

their time is drawing near, 

they look at one another and say without doubt,  

We'll meet you in the morning.

when you hear that trumpet sound.


Jesus cares and He knows, 

what you're going through today, 

He knows your every need 

and He loves to hear you pray, 

He knows your every burden, 

He knows your every care, 

He knows your heart is breaking 

and He is there, 

He is there, to take away the pain 

and restore your life again.

He is there, Jesus Cares.



I wrote this song after the loss of my baby in September and my grandfather in November. Jesus Cares- 2001

Send An Angel, Please

I was very happy and safe in mommy's womb,

It was very comfortable, it was a nice little room.


But then one day it was filled with someone else,

Something very beautiful, I wasn't by myself.


I knew my mommy loved me, she told me everyday,

But this special person said, "I am the way”


And then one day He took me, He put His hand in mine,

I seen a wound in His hand, and He said, for me He had died.


He told me that He loved me, and of Calvary,

He told me of salvation and how that it was free.


But then that day He told me, something that made me sad,

He said that I would not get to meet, my mommy or my dad.


I felt my tears upon my cheek, then heard my mommy cry,

I felt a hand so soft to touch, pick me up and help me die.


I looked around and there I was, Angels at my side,

They helped me to giggle and sing, all the way to the sky.


They took me straight to Jesus and I asked Him just one thing,

That He would send an angel, to make my

mommy laugh and sing.


Jesus told me that He loved me and loved my parents too,

But He had a special job for me, something important to do.


He sent me to the garden, there were many children there,

He told me to pick some flowers, for mommy's everywhere.


So that is what I am doing, It's a special job you see,

Picking flowers for the mommy's,

who's children are here with me.



Flowers for you mommy, I love you...Love, AJ Love

Praise Him, Again

When storms gather round you and your tattered and torn, 

your life is filled with sorrow and your strength is almost gone. 

Remember He beside you and He's with you all the way,

and come the morning, He will shine a brighter day.


So praise Him through the storm, and worship through the rain, 

call on Him through the thunder and watch the clouds roll away, 

He's here to bring peace and it will come someday,

so praise Him and praise Him again.


When fear comes creeping in and you don't know what to do, 

or you just can't trust Him, for your faith is lacking too, 

Remember He's beside you and He knows when you're afraid, 

and come fear trouble or sorrow, you'll just keep praising His name.


So praise Him through the storm, and worship through the rain, call on Him through the thunder and watch the clouds roll away,

He's here to bring peace and it will come someday, 

so praise Him and praise Him again, for He is worthy to be praised and when you come through the storm, 

you'll be a rainbow of God's grace, for He is with you, 

and He's worthy of our praise, 

so praise Him and thank Him for His grace.


Written in 2007 after we faced a big 

storm in our spiritual life!

"Fields of Little Children"

Tiny little feet in the grass so green,

running up and down and splashing in the stream.


Tiny little hands clapping as they play,

Praising as they're lifted, as Jesus comes their way.


Tiny little mouth with a great big smile,

Little chubby cheeks, dimples and little sighs.


All the little babies, gone to heaven you see,

They are up there playing, no boo-boos or scraped knees.


For Jesus has a place, for the ones that die so young,

It is a special place that they love to come.


Heaven is so beautiful with much for you to see,

There are fields of little children,

with giggles and little squeaks.


So mommy's don't you worry and try not to be sad,

For we are having lots of fun,

running and tumbling makes us glad.


October 1,2001


America is breaking and crumbling all around, 

these broken pieces are our homes, 

and some are never found. 


Parents are deciding, love is not the way, 

So they go and get divorced 

and the children bear the pain. 


The girls are crying out, 

for their daddy's to be in their life, 

But instead they end up being a mother, 

instead of some man's wife. 


The boys they search for someone, 

who will be their guide, 

But all they find is drugs and beer 

and a policeman by their side. 


Then moms and dads they look around and 

wonder what went wrong, it was the children needed more, than being left alone.

I cannot wait to meet you,

I know it won't be long,

'til I feel your arms around me, 

or my daddy's arms so strong.


I'm learning everybody,

I hear talking and laughing too,

I listen really closely,

So I will know you.


I'm growing so quickly,

as fast as I can,

My feet are getting big now,

and so are my hands.


It won't be much longer,

just a few more weeks,

'til I'm resting in your arms 

and you kiss me on my cheek.


You and daddy are my family,

and I think you both are awesome,

Thank you for the life you gave me, 

Love your little Autumn


I had to get up early to get my church clothes on,

it’s Sunday morning meeting time and daddy said we have to go.

I go and sit in the service and try to listen and be good,

But sometimes on the church pew, I don’t do the things I should.

I wiggle and I move around, the pews are just too hard,

I just don’t think I like church, i’d rather be playing in the yard.

I always want to go to the bathroom, it’s the funnest thing around,

Water and soap are all I need unless there’s candy to be found.

Mommy would smack me sometimes to make me sit real still,

I’d try really hard, but church is boring and all they do is yell.

I’ve grown up on that church pew and it’s still hard to sit still,

I want to run and shout because Gods love for me is so real.

I’m glad my mother sat me on that church pew every time

I know I wasn’t always good, but she knew I heard all the while.

I may have sat there playing or wiggling in the pew,

But I heard the preacher say, that Jesus died for me and you.

My heart was burdened heavy and convicted of my sin

I am so thankful for that church pew,

because that is where I was born again.

I get to get up early to get my church clothes on,

It’s Sunday morning meeting time and I’m sure glad I get to go.

By Ginger Hodnett

August 28, 2016