Battlefield, Missouri - Pastor Moody


The Lord has been so good to our family.

We were in Battlefield, MO and had plans to visit Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

We had our meeting and the Lord blessed. On Thursday Jody went to get an alignment done and the mechanic said that we needed a lot of work done, before they could do an alignment. The quote was $3500.00

We did not have this money and we prayed and asked the Lord to help us. My husband called the Pastor to see if he knew of a mechanic that would  be more reasonable. We went to the one and he quoted it for $1500.00 what an answer to prayer.  The Pastor told us that his church would help us with some of the cost. The mechanic could not do the work until the next Tuesday, so we had to cancel our trip to Oklahoma.  In the meantime a supporting pastor called and told Jody that they would be good for up to $2000 worth of work, so Praise the Lord.


On the weekend a storm came in and on Monday a tornado came through Oklahoma City  and destroyed many homes and an elementary school too. God protected us from that storm by keeping us in Missouri.

Tuesday the mechanic called and said that our brakes were about gone and he wanted to replace them and a few other things as well, so the cost went up to $2600. 

Jody called the Pastor to let him know the total cost and we knew we just had to pray in the other $600, when Jody talked to him, he told Jody they would take care of the total bill.  Wednesday morning Jody went to town and while he was gone the pastors wife brought me a check from the church for $500. God just keeps on taking care of us. He has blessed us in so many ways. Thank you Lord for your protection from the storm, thank you for the vehicle breaking down and thank you for using your people to take care of our needs. It is always amazing.

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